Russian Black Sea Fleet


In Crimea, they tried to blow up infrastructure facilities of the Black Sea Fleet

Ukraine tried to carry out powerful sabotage against the Russian military in Crimea.

Kiev sent several sabotage groups to Crimea to attack civil and military facilities deployed on the peninsula. It is known that one of the targets of the sabotage groups was a radio mast, providing communication with ships and submarines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy. Given the presence of NATO ships in the Black Sea, this could well lead to unpredictable consequences.

It is known that the FSB officers managed to uncover one of the sabotage groups - two of its members confessed.

"Ukrainian saboteurs planned to blow up the mast of the radio center of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, the tower of the television center of the Crimea and a mobile gas turbine power plant.", - reports the FSB of Russia.

It is known that something similar could have been planned by the Ukrainian military and special services in the area of ​​the Ukrainian-Russian border. In this regard, additional checkpoints were set up, as previously reported by the news agency.

Kiev's actions with the planning of sabotage in Crimea are associated with the intensification of clashes in the Donbass. Ukraine has already managed to accuse Russia of this, although all the accusations are unfounded.


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