A sharp increase in water levels is observed in the Kurgan region

The water level in the Tobol River near Kurgan has reached a critical level of 646 centimeters, the city administration reports. Governor Vadim Shumkov warns that when the level of six meters is reached, flooding of the right bank of the Tobol River, as well as the low part of the left bank, will begin.

The situation is complicated by forecasts from the Ural Hydrometeorological Center, which indicate possible flooding of the coastal areas of Kurgan in the period from April 15 to 18. Already, 309 houses and 571 household plots are under water. The flood led to the evacuation of more than 7,1 thousand people, of whom 885 were temporarily housed in special centers.

In the context of the growing crisis, it is predicted that another 62 settlements, 4300 houses, 5550 household plots and 600 summer cottages will be at risk of flooding. It is possible that up to 18 people will be in the emergency zone.


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