In Latvia, a factory for the production of drones supplied to Ukraine caught fire

In Latvia, a severe fire at a factory that produced drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed production.

In Latvia, in the city of Marupe, a factory of Edge Autonomy, which manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles, is on fire. After the start of the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv, this enterprise actively supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with unmanned aerial vehicles, which were used for reconnaissance and subsequent strikes. As a result of a severe fire (and at the moment the version of arson is being considered), the production was almost completely destroyed.

On the presented video frames, you can see the consequences of the strongest fire on the territory of the Edge Autonomy enterprise. It is reported that the fire quickly spread, creating a threat to the people inside, as a result of which the evacuation began. By the time fire brigades and rescuers arrived, the production areas had already been almost completely destroyed by fire - the damage caused could be estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

As a result of the fire, according to preliminary data, victims and victims were avoided, however, the enterprise is unlikely to be able to resume its work within the next six months.


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