In Libya, destroyed another Ukrainian IL-76. Video

At the Misrata International Airport, another Il-76 military transport aircraft was destroyed.

Last night, during air strikes by Libyan National Army aircraft, another military transport aircraft was destroyed at Misrata International Airport, delivering weapons and ammunition to the forces of the Government of National Unity. According to a number of sources, we are talking about the Ukrainian IL-76.

“An unknown military transport plane was destroyed at Misrata Airport. According to a number of sources, we are talking about the next IL-76 belonging to Ukraine, but this information has not been officially confirmed ”- Telegram-Gallifreys Technology Community reports.

Journalists of the resource managed to partially confirm these data, however, there are no official comments on the destruction of IL-76 either from the Libyan National Unity Government or the Libyan National Army - only the destruction of a transport aircraft is reported, which, by the way, is confirmed by the video witnesses to air strikes.

It is noteworthy that earlier Turkey supplied weapons to PNE forces exclusively with Ukrainian cargo planes, and therefore, information on this subject may well correspond to reality.