Su-24 bombers


In Libya, Russian Su-24s with painted side numbers and VKS stars again spotted

Russian front-line bombers again spotted over Libya.

A few hours ago, unique footage appeared on the Web showing the participation of Russian front-line Su-24 bombers in the exercises of the Libyan National Army. The fact that the aircraft are Russian is practically beyond doubt, as evidenced by the specific coloring of the aircraft, as well as the side numbers and stars smeared with paint on the wings and tail of the bomber.



In the pictures presented, you can see that the color of the front-line Su-24M bombers fully corresponds to the color of the bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces, while the identification mark on the tail of the aircraft is also characteristic, just in the place where the red star is located on the Russian Aerospace Forces.

It is noteworthy that the Su-24 front-line bombers have not been in service with Libya for several years - all of them were destroyed by air strikes during the war.

Earlier, the media reported that Su-24 front-line bombers successfully destroyed several Turkish military installations in Libya, having managed to get close to them at a strike distance thanks to the use of electronic suppression against enemy air defense systems.

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