Russian armored vehicles and air defense systems were deployed to Libya. Video

In Libya, Russian armored vehicles and air defense equipment were spotted.

A few hours ago, the Libyans shot video frames on a mobile phone camera, on which you can see a massive military convoy, which included Russian armored vehicles and air defense equipment. At the moment, it is known that we are talking about Russian Tiger armored vehicles and the Pantsir-S air defense system based on the Kamaz chassis.

At the moment, it is not known exactly how Russian armored vehicles got into Libya, however, much more questions are raised by the fact that the Pantsir-S air defense missile defense system was on the Kamaz chassis in that country, since the Pantsiri previously seen in Libya were based on chassis "MAN". Over the past few days, this is by no means the first SAM system based on the Kamaz chassis seen by the LNA, in particular, a video was published earlier with a similar system destroyed by a Turkish attack drone on one of the highways.

It should be noted that the supply of arms to Libya, against the backdrop of the ongoing civil war, is prohibited.

There are no official comments on this subject yet, however, a few days ago MiG-29 fighters were deployed to Libya - according to some sources, we are talking about VKS aircraft, while other sources report that these fighters were sold to forces Libyan national army by the Belarusian military.