DBK Rubezh


Coastal missile systems "Rubezh" were deployed to Libya - Turkish frigates tensed

It became known about the probable transfer of Rubezh complexes to Libya.

Coastal missile systems "Rubezh", still in service with the Russian army, were transferred to Libya from Egypt for the likely confrontation with Turkish frigates that entered the country's territorial waters a few days ago. This information caused Ankara a lot of trouble, since the capabilities of the Russian Rubezh missile systems are sufficient to thin out the entire Turkish fleet located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and at least minimally threatening the Libyan National Army.

Despite the absence of any evidence of the transfer of Rubezh complexes from Egypt to Libya, experts do not exclude that Cairo could have taken such a step, since Turkey did not fulfill its promises and invaded the territorial waters of a state neighboring Egypt. Thanks to the capabilities of the Rubezh DBK, the Haftar army had the opportunity to attack Turkish frigates and landing ships delivering weapons to PNS forces at distances of up to 80 kilometers, moreover, the P-15M rocket will have enough capabilities to do it in Turkish warships huge holes and flood them with the first hit. Earlier it became known about the unsuccessful firing of the Libyan National Army with old Soviet complexes, and therefore, the transfer of these complexes to Libya may well be associated with the need to strengthen the army of Haftar.

Officially, Egypt removed the Rubezh complexes from its armament, however, about two years ago it became known that they were simply in storage - they had not been disposed of.