An explosive device was found in a car in Lobnya

In Lobnya, near Moscow, on February 19, an explosive device was discovered in a car, which led to the introduction of the “Zagorsk” regime and the evacuation of residents of surrounding areas. The event caused considerable unrest among the local population. The Zagorsk signal, used only in special cases by units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, indicates the seriousness of the situation.

Security forces, including riot police, quickly responded to the threat, beginning the evacuation of the population from Druzhba and Mirnaya streets. A special feature of this operation was that the “Zagorsk” signal involves the gathering of personnel from a local unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to solve critical problems.

According to information from the Lobnya administration, verification activities related to the discovery of an explosive device are being carried out in the city. The evacuation affected several residential buildings, whose residents were advised to act in an organized manner and not to panic.

Sources report the arrest of a man in whose car a suspicious device was found. Currently, his identity, motives for actions and possible connections with the Ukrainian special services are being established.


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