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London is preparing for the death of King Charles III

The British government prepared a detailed plan in the event of the death of King Charles III, called Operation Menai Bridge. This plan covers the activities that will be organized during the first ten days after the death of the monarch, including the procedure for notifying the public and organizing the farewell process for the king. What makes Operation Menai Bridge special is its name, chosen after a famous suspension bridge in Wales, symbolizing King Charles III's deep ties to the region where he was prince for 64 years.

Concerns about the king's health became urgent after Buckingham Palace announced in early February that the king had been diagnosed with cancer after treatment for an enlarged prostate. It is emphasized that the diagnosis is not related to prostate cancer. King Charles III began treatment and doctors recommended that he temporarily refrain from participating in public events. However, the king will continue to perform government duties and work with official documentation. According to Sky News, Prince William may take over some of the king's public duties, although constitutional functions will remain with Charles III.


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