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Russian military specialist killed in Mali

Russian military specialist was killed in Mali.

One of the Russian military specialists who had previously arrived in Mali for consultations was killed by unknown people in the Mopti region, located in the central part of the African republic. According to local sources, we can talk about a mercenary from the Wagner PMC. Moreover, it is noteworthy that the Russian military specialist could have been killed not by militants, but by foreign military personnel still in Mali.

Judging by the video footage (for ethical and moral reasons, the video is not published - ed. note) published by local residents, we can really talk about a military specialist from the Wagner private military company, however, at the moment there is no direct evidence the fact that the deceased is a Russian military man, the authorities of Mali did not provide

“Jihadist resources have published a video of the consequences of a terrorist attack against the Malian Armed Forces and, allegedly, Russian mercenaries. The footage shows body parts of a white man, allegedly belonging to a participant in the Russian so-called. PMC "Wagner". According to preliminary data, he died when a roadside IED exploded by terrorists on a road near the town of Bandiagara in the Mopti district. Earlier, there were reports in the media about a clash between Russian mercenaries and militants associated with Al-Qaeda (a terrorist organization banned in Russia - ed.) of the Jamaat Nusrat Al-Islam Wal-Muslimin group in the same district ", - said in the message "Telegram" channel "Directorate 4".

At the same time, sources report that foreign troops, including the French military, are still secretly stationed in Mali. This does not rule out the possibility that it was not militants who were behind the attack.

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