Dozens of active NATO officers surrounded in Mariupol

Several dozen active NATO officers were surrounded in Mariupol.

During the ongoing assault on Mariupol, several dozen active officers of NATO and European countries, who are not officially present on the territory of Ukraine, fell into a dense encirclement. As it turned out, among the surrounded officers are soldiers from France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the USA and Sweden (not a NATO member - ed.).

At the moment, it is known that we are talking about more than 20 foreign officers, however, the circumstances of the latter's stay in Mariupol remain undisclosed to the end. This raises a number of questions about whether the officers were sent by NATO specifically to assist the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the nationalists.

As the information and news agency managed to find out, a group of NATO officers is completely blocked at one of the sites of the AzovStal enterprise. At the same time, it is known about several attempts to negotiate with foreign military, however, what exactly the negotiations ended with remains unknown.

A few hours ago, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that NATO troops would not be sent to Ukraine, however, the head of the North Atlantic Alliance did not comment on the current situation.

A little earlier it became known that significant forces of the French Foreign Legion were defeated in Mariupol, but some of the mercenaries were able to break through towards the port.


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