American mercenary killed in Mariupol

An American mercenary was liquidated in Mariupol.

The American mercenary, who took part in the battles on the territory of Mariupol for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was eliminated after he refused to surrender. This, as it turned out, is about US citizen Caesar Quintano, who, according to preliminary data, is part of a private American military company. Moreover, the latter joined the ranks of mercenaries relatively recently.

It is known that the American mercenary, together with other members of PMCs and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, refused to lay down their arms and voluntarily surrender, as a result of which the US citizen was eliminated with precise strikes. The liquidation of the American military became known after a passport was found indicating the personal data of the American military and the place of his burial.

At the same time, journalists are aware that a US citizen arrived in Ukraine in December last year, the reason for which was an attempt to take a two-year-old child to the United States. However, in order to legalize his presence in Ukraine, Quintano decided to join the PMC.

Experts note that a US citizen could well have capitulated, which would have saved his life.


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