Car of police chief Moskvin blown up in Mariupol

An assassination attempt was made on the head of the Mariupol police.

This morning, an explosion thundered on the territory of Mariupol. According to journalists, the car of Mariupol police chief Moskvin was blown up. According to preliminary data, Moskvin remained alive as a result of the explosion, however, information about his current condition remains unknown.

On the video footage available to journalists, you can see the first moments after the explosion of the car of police chief Moskvin. According to a number of data, video frames could have been filmed by the organizer of the assassination attempt, however, so far there is no reliable confirmation of this.

Apparently, the explosion was carried out using a small improvised explosive device, since the explosion, according to eyewitnesses, was relatively small.

Whether the assassination attempt on Moskvin is a terrorist attack by Ukraine or whether the assassination attempt was caused by a conflict between the police chief and local residents is still unknown. According to local residents, police officers and investigators are currently working at the site of the explosion.


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