Airport blast


Five explosions at Geneva International Airport

There were five explosions at the Geneva airport.

At least five explosions thundered at the Geneva International Airport. Initially, it was assumed that we could talk about a terrorist threat, since the territory of the airport was almost instantly shrouded in thick black smoke, and the air harbor itself was closed for takeoffs and landings. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the explosions of gas cylinders became the cause of everything.

“Air traffic has been stopped since 17:30. Significant smoke emission due to the burning of tar and other insulating materials used on the site does not allow aircraft to maneuver. “Our enemy was a strong wind, because it pushed the smoke in the direction of the approaching planes,” says Lieutenant Nicolas Milhaud. “Until we are sure that there is no more risk of explosion, we cannot authorize the resumption of air traffic,” said Lieutenant Nicolas Millau. The explosion of five gas cylinders also served as the basis for blocking air traffic. At the foot of a building under construction, a completely gutted canister gives an idea of ​​the force of the explosion. Fragments of metal and building materials were scattered for tens of meters, in particular, on the territory of the airport, in the immediate vicinity of the runway. One person in a state of shock had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.”, - reports the resource "TDG".

How long the work of Geneva International Airport was disrupted is unknown, however, it is known that victims were avoided.