Start of a rocket


The Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the creation of the latest Russian missiles after leaving the INF Treaty

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the development by Russian scientists of a rocket, against the background of leaving the INF Treaty.

Tests in the United States of a rocket previously banned by the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles forced Russia to take retaliatory steps - such weapons are already being created, which was confirmed by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The main thing is that Russia has the corresponding military-technical backlogs, which allow us to quickly find an adequate response to any threat associated with missile tests, and with possible deployment in various regions”- said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

Earlier, it was suggested that Russia could start using Caliber cruise missiles based on the Iskander OTRK as a response, since these cruise missiles have proven themselves well and their range is significant and can exceed several thousand kilometers.

Given the fact that the United States nevertheless withdrew from the INF Treaty and violated the existing Treaty, Russia will actively develop medium- and short-range missiles, including with the possibility of their deployment near the US borders.