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The British Foreign Ministry caused a panic after Putin's statement on missiles

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain caused a panic after the statement of the Russian leader.

After the United States tested a new cruise missile previously banned by the Medium and Short Range Missiles Treaty, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded an immediate response, which caused a panic at the British Foreign Office.

“Russia's announcement of a missile response test is another example of a broader model of Russia's actions aimed at undermining European security and based on the rules of an international system that ensures the safety of our citizens”, the British Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Nevertheless, Russia warned the US partners in the North Atlantic Alliance about the imminent consequences for NATO in the event of the US withdrawing from the INF Treaty, however, due to the fact that they did not listen to Russian recommendations and instead attempted to put pressure on Russia, this would become serious a problem for the entire military bloc.

“You need to be absolutely stupid not to take Russian statements seriously. Obviously, the statement of the Russian leader is sobering up the North Atlantic Alliance, including this also applies to attempts to deploy American missiles in European countries. ”, - the analyst notes.

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