3,5-kilogram drone fell on a person in Minsk

A Chinese drone nearly killed a Belarusian.

As part of the festival dedicated to Tanker’s Day in Minsk, the official DJI Inspire 2 drone, which unexpectedly caught the crown of a tree, fell from a great height onto one of the festival’s guests, seriously injuring the latter.

It is known that the festival was organized by Wargaming, however, no official comments have yet been received from the organizers in this regard.

It is noteworthy that social networks report that the man who the drone fell on unexpectedly grabbed a drone and tried to hide with it, but after seeking medical help, he nevertheless returned the drone to the owner.

“Eyewitnesses report that when flying from a small height, the drone hooked tree branches with blades, which caused it to fall. The man on whom the copter fell, grabbed the drone and fled with it. It is reported that after turning to the doctors, he returned the drone to the owner "- The Village reports.