The world is shocked by the capabilities of the cheapest Russian "super missile" for military aviation

The latest Russian missile caused shock at its low price, with tremendous opportunities.

The unique Russian missile S-8OFP “Armor-piercer”, despite the fact that we are talking about a modernized missile, improved to solve a wide range of tasks, has caused incredible interest around the world in these weapons. This is primarily due to the fact that the S-8OFP “Armor-piercer” missile, at its low cost, has a range increased to 6 kilometers, and can also destroy enemy armored vehicles, destroy fortifications and eliminate enemy manpower, even in defenses.

“And also - a powerful warhead, also an extremely important characteristic. The golden heads of our defense industry managed to make an engine that allows two to three times increase the potential of the warhead. The engine has become smaller in size, and this has allowed to increase the weight of the warhead, which is extremely important for the rocket "- said a military observer for RIA Novosti Viktor Baranets, commenting on the “sticking” of visitors in this particular type of Russian weapons at various exhibitions.

At the moment, the S-8OF Armor-piercer missile is preparing to be put into service, and next year it will begin to enter the troops, while the export potential of this missile can be measured in tens of thousands of units, since the missile is intended for use by Su-attack aircraft 25, multi-purpose helicopters Mi-8, attack combat helicopters, etc.


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