drone attack


Moldova denied Ukrainian statements about an attack by Russian drones from the country's territory

Last night, an incident occurred that caused lively discussions and conflicting statements from Ukraine and Moldova. The Ukrainian military claims that a Russian drone, allegedly heading to attack targets in the Odessa region, violated Moldova's airspace, flying over its territory for several tens of kilometers, after which it returned to the Ukrainian side, where it was destroyed by air defense forces.

This information was confirmed by the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ignat, who announced the recording of this incident and pointed out that this was allegedly not the first case of violation of Moldova’s airspace by Russian UAVs. At the same time, the Moldovan Ministry of Defense categorically denied these allegations, stating that no drones launched by Russia were detected over their territory.

The lack of official comments from the Russian Federation makes the situation even more confusing, however, this is not the first accusation from Kyiv, and Ukraine cannot back up its statements with anything.



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