Fragments of a fallen drone were found again in Moldova

On February 17, 2024, near the city of Etulia Noue, Vulcanesti region, fragments of a drone were discovered, presumably belonging to a Geranium-2 type drone. The find was recorded at 16:40, at a distance of approximately 2 km from the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and 5 km from Etulia Noua. This was reported by the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova.

The Border Service of Moldova immediately reported the incident to the relevant authorities, after which access to the location of detection was limited to carry out all necessary procedures. The event caused concern among the local population, but authorities emphasized that all necessary measures were taken to ensure public order and security and that there was no threat to citizens.

However, an important circumstance was the discovery of a relatively small explosion crater, which, according to experts, is not typical for the explosion of a Geranium-2 type drone. This circumstance gave rise to doubts about the reliability of the initial data about the type of UAV and its affiliation.


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