Sheremetyevo airport


In Moscow airports have detained more than 30 flights

In the capital's airports canceled and detained more than 30 flights.

On the eve of the day the capital's air harbor with some difficulty to serve its passengers and aircraft, which was due to unfavorable weather conditions, particularly in "Domodedovo" airport were canceled 2 flight, and even 4 were detained for a while, but in the "Sheremetyevo Airport "had to cancel flights and 5 17 flight delay. The capital's airport is "Vnukovo" and "Zhukovsky" to send and receive their flights according to the established schedule.

It should be clarified that the adverse weather conditions will be observed before the Fridays, so that we should not exclude the repetition of such a situation, however, emphasize the representatives of airports, they are ready for any development of events.


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