The plane in the sky


In the Moscow sky, dangerous passenger airplanes

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation intends to conduct an investigation into the dangerous rapprochement of passenger airliners in the Moscow air zone.

Information resource notes that information about the dangerous approach of two passenger aircraft appeared on the eve of the day, while, according to the source, the distance between two passenger flights, one of which followed from Vladivostok to Moscow minimal and the danger that arose was truly extraordinary. Nevertheless, the representatives of Rosaviation denied this information, citing the materials at their disposal, indicating that in reality there was no dangerous rapprochement - thanks to the timely actions, this situation was avoided.

It is worthwhile to clarify that the system of automatic notification of a dangerous approach is triggered by the extremely close finding of aircraft in the airspace, and if we take into account the source's evidence of the incident, the aircraft approached each other for a distance of 7,5 kilometers, which could have catastrophic consequences already through 30 seconds of flight.