Russia Today employees who used a drone near a military unit were detained in Moscow

Russia Today employees were detained while trying to launch a drone near a military unit.

On February 2, a film crew of the Russia Today TV channel was detained in Moscow. Employees of Russia Today tried to illegally obtain information using a drone near one of the military units, thereby creating an extremely serious threat.

The detainees explained that they were not going to film the territory of the military unit, but were filming a story about one of the historical buildings, although, obviously, allowing such connivance, especially considering the use of a drone, the journalists clearly created a difficult situation.

“On the morning of February 2, a quadrocopter was found near a military unit in the Basmanny district, which was controlled by an unknown man from a neighboring building. The chief editor of the TV channel Anastasia Davydenko, director Yuri Baklanov and Alexei Popov, who helped them, fell into the hands of law enforcement officers. Surprised by this turn, the journalists hurried to explain that they did not even think of spying on the military unit, but were simply filming a documentary about a historic building nearby. After the confusion, the RT team was released, but the material on them was transferred to the Federal Air Transport Agency and Roskomnadzor - perhaps the journalists will be fined., - the journalists of "Base" report.

At the moment, it remains unknown what exactly the actions to use a drone near a military unit are connected with, while there is a threat from the use of such aircraft.


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