At least 5 traces of rocket hits were found in the bridge leading to Kherson

The Daryevsky bridge leading to Kherson received at least 5 rocket hits.

New satellite images taken by a Western spacecraft have made it possible to obtain high-quality, detailed images of the bridge in the vicinity of the Drevka settlement. The latter, also known as the Antonovsky Bridge, was attacked using Himars multiple launch rocket systems. As it turned out, there are at least five holes in the roadbed of the bridge, which are the result of a direct hit by M31 missiles. At the same time, four of them are located in such a way that they are in the central part of the bridge and at the same distance from each other. This indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to collapse the spans of the structure with several high-precision strikes in order to block traffic on it.

In the presented satellite image, published by OSINT specialist Tim Earhart, you can see the consequences of attacks on the bridge over the Ingulets River near the settlement of Daryevka. Traces of at least five hits can be seen on the roadbed of the bridge, while it should be noted that the bridge was not destroyed and traffic continues on it, although for unknown reasons, the structure was not repaired.

Earlier it became known that the Ukrainian military is trying to cut off access to Kherson, striking at bridges across the Dnieper and the Ingulets River.