MiG-29 fighter crashes in Myanmar

On Thursday, a MiG-29UB combat trainer crashed in Myanmar's central Magway region due to a technical malfunction during training maneuvers. The pilot managed to eject and was subsequently evacuated, according to state television MRTV.

The incident was the latest loss for the Myanmar Armed Forces since the military coup led by General Min Aung Hlaing took place in February 2021. Since then, the country has found itself in the midst of hostilities, resulting in the loss of at least four helicopters and three fighter jets. Government forces, which rely extensively on airpower in offensive operations across the country, have been confronted with militant claims that military equipment has been shot down, although no convincing evidence has been provided.

According to local residents, the fighter crashed into a field in the western part of the village, while both pilots were able to eject safely. In connection with the incident, security forces attempted to check the public's mobile phones for photographs of the aircraft wreckage that may have been published on the Internet.


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