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NATO threatens to send its troops to Transnistria if Russia does not withdraw its peacekeepers

NATO declared its readiness to send troops to Transnistria.

The North Atlantic Alliance stated that the NATO member states fully support the intentions of Moldovan President Maia Sandu to completely and unquestioningly withdraw Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria. In the opinion of the alliance, Moldova can be fully assisted in this by NATO, which implies the introduction of the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance on the territory of the autonomy.

“NATO believes that Russia is violating the territorial integrity of Moldova by deploying peacekeepers in Transnistria. Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced this during a press conference. Moldova is a NATO partner. We see how Russia violates the wishes of various governments in the vicinity of the alliance, deploying troops, including in certain parts of Georgia, in eastern Ukraine, in Moldova (in Transnistria), ”Stoltenberg said. He stressed that "this is a violation of the territorial integrity of Moldova and another example of how Russia often violates international law"», - this is reported by the Russian information publication "RT"

Earlier, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry called on Moldova to think about making such a decision, since the situation in the region could seriously worsen, which would lead to a local conflict, although at the same time Russia is ready to withdraw its peacekeeping contingent from Transnistria.

Well, Russia does not use "double standards", like the US and the EU, which have become their calling card. And you say "dichotomy"
But the personal attitude is so, you rightly noted that the people no longer believe in the democrats, but they are afraid of totalitarianism, and there are few imperials, but they will be. as more productive in the history of human civilization.
Moldova has not completely left the influence of the Russian economy, it can trade with the EU only through goods of the unrecognized PMR, and for the PMR Moldova takes the 1st place as an important partner. It seems to suit the Moldovans who are in business. as part of the money is received through transit and customs stamp. and part of it is probably convenient to capitalize in the PMR and probably without taxes in Moldova :))
In short, everything is profitable for the brothers from the Moldavian SSR, but here Sandu and NATO ... :)))
Here and Russia is not in the first place, especially abroad Ukraine.

You cannot be half isolationist, or you are an imperialist, or an isolationist.
This dichotomy of post-Soviet Russia is the main brake on its civilizational modernization.

NATO is ready to burn New York and Washington for Chisinau ????
I do not believe this show-off of Stoltenberg!

NATO comes and never leaves until the country becomes impoverished :))
The United States has more than 750 military bases around Russia, and Russia is "threatened" you see ....
Sandu is a Romanian citizen and lit up with the "hope" of uniting Moldova with Romania, that is, plans for the loss of statehood. Is it necessary for those who are not unprofitable for themselves now trading with the EU with the help of the PMR and the customs seal of Moldova?

Spit on this Stoltenberg, let him read the story or, for example, Guderian about the war with the RUSSIANS. Let them just try to touch our peacekeepers, they will get it in full. Look at Karabakh.

West Berlin is where their border is.