NATO was afraid that Turkey would start producing its drones together with Russia

NATO is afraid that Turkey will approve its cooperation with Russia in the production of drones.

Concerns were expressed against the backdrop of today's meeting between the presidents of the two countries. During the meeting, issues of cooperation between Moscow and Ankara in the military-industrial complex will be discussed, while earlier in Russia it was noted that Turkish achievements in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles are very successful and they are definitely of interest to Russia.

In Europe and the United States, they note that Turkey's cooperation with Russia in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles can be a very serious danger to the military bloc. According to Julian Roepke, if Russia does get access to Turkish technology, this could become a very big problem for NATO, since in the near future a large number of European countries intended to rearm with Turkish drones, including the latest Akinci, capable of carrying large cruise missiles. range.

In turn, Russia is also interested in using Turkish technologies, since Turkish drones, at a relatively low cost, have fairly high flight performance and combat qualities, and joint cooperation in this area between the two countries can lead to the creation of high-tech automatic systems.