NATO is panicking over the inability to find the Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod in the Arctic.

A Russian submarine has disappeared from NATO's field of vision in Arctic waters.

Against the backdrop of a warning issued by NATO countries to all warships and submarines due to the entry into open waters of the Russian nuclear submarine "Belgorod", it became known that the panic arranged by the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance was caused by the fact that in the Arctic waters the Russian submarine would be completely beyond the control of intelligence forces. According to the Italian publication “la Repubblica”, the possible armament of a Russian submarine with an underwater unmanned vehicle equipped with a nuclear charge with an estimated yield of about 2 Mt, which is capable of destroying not only any coastal city or naval base, but also an entire country, poses a greater danger.

If the information of the Western media about the advancement of the Russian submarine into the Arctic waters is true, then NATO has indeed lost the ability to track the activity of the submarine, which, in addition to standard weapons in the form of a nuclear torpedo, also carries a large number of cruise missiles, which pose no less a threat to Russian opponents . In particular, we are talking about the Caliber cruise missiles.


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