NATO told about intentions to shoot down Russian Su-57

In the West, they talked about their intentions to shoot down Russian Su-57s with the help of Typhoons.

The North Atlantic Alliance announced its intentions to track the movement of Russian Su-57 fighters and use Typhoons against them. According to the West, today only the Eurofighter Typhoon has the ability to protect Europe from Russian fifth-generation fighters, which is quite surprising given that European countries are actively buying F-35 fighters.

“According to the plan, the RAF will receive fighters with secret Captor-E radars in the mid-2020s. In terms of their characteristics, they should not be inferior to those on the F-35. The modernized Typhoons will be able to work effectively together with fifth-generation fighters, a similar combination is being prepared by the US Air Force - the F-35 plus the F-15EX, but the Pentagon is still counting on drones like the Valkyrie. According to "The Drive", a modern fighter just needs to be equipped with an AFAR radar, thanks to which the pilot will be able to track targets at long distances, including such difficult ones as cruise missiles flying at low altitude.- сообщает Russian information publication "".

How exactly the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter, developed in the 90s of the last century, will be able to defeat the Russian Su-57 in battle - it is not known, especially since the functionality of the European combat aircraft will practically not change anything - it will probably be able to see Russian Su-57, but will not be able to do anything about it, especially since earlier the same Russian Su-35 has already shown that it is capable of bypassing the "stealth" protection of even the much more advanced F-22.



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