NATO expresses concern about the effectiveness of Russian electronic warfare systems against American weapons

In connection with the current situation in Ukraine, NATO has expressed concern about the effectiveness of American HIMARS guided missiles and Excalibur projectiles. The main reason is the influence of Russian electronic warfare (EW) systems, which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of these munitions. The Pentagon has already announced active work to improve these systems, the goal of which is to develop new technologies that can bypass the effects of electronic warfare. This data is provided by Evgeniy Poddubny.

An analysis conducted by the American military department shows that units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces operating in the Avdeevka area especially often complain about Russian electronic warfare. These data confirm the high effectiveness of Russian electronic warfare systems and their ability to have a significant impact on combat operations.

Thus, Russian electronic warfare systems have become one of the priority targets for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They pose a serious threat to the use of modern guided missiles and projectiles, however, due to the long range of such systems, Ukrainian weapons pose no threat to them.


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