High activity of military aviation observed in the skies over Belarus

Military aviation activity has been observed over the territory of Belarus over the past 72 hours.

At the moment, it is known that flights of Su-30 fighters, which arrived on the territory of this state a few days ago, were noticed on the territory of Belarus. Any details on this subject are not announced, however, according to Belarusian sources, in the border regions of Belarus and Ukraine, one can hear a rather strong and unusual rumble of aviation flights.

Among other things, it is reported that high radio activity is also observed in Belarus, which may be associated with checking the readiness of Belarusian military airfields and military air bases, taking into account the significantly increased activity from the West and Ukraine.

A few days ago, high activity was observed on the territory of the Brest region, as well as over Minsk, while it is noted that we are talking not only about military aviation, but also about military transport aviation.

At the moment, there are no official statements from the Belarusian military, however, previously published information that Shahed-136 kamikaze drones are allegedly launched from the territory of Belarus has not yet received any confirmation - in all likelihood, local residents confused the sound of the flight such drones with the sound of aviation flights.


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