Putin's congratulations


In the sky over Los Angeles, Putin was congratulated on his birthday. Video

In the sky over the United States appeared Putin's congratulations on the 67 anniversary.

The birthday of the Russian president, held a few days ago, turned into another scandal in the United States. The reason for this was the inscription in the sky over Los Angeles, indicating the 67th birthday of Vladimir Putin.

On the presented video frames you can see how a small light-engine plane dashingly drawn the symbols and numbers of VVP 67 in the sky, and although there is no direct indication of the birthday of the Russian leader, ordinary Americans almost immediately announced that they congratulate the Russian president in this way - Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin 67.

It is not known who and why drew the sky, but social networks are already full of reports that Washington should consider such a message as a direct threat to US national interests, although in reality, such demands are not motivated by anything.

“If you see a threat in such a message, you can react in a similar way to any messages related to the Russian president, especially since the attitude of the message itself to the president’s congratulations on the 67 anniversary is only indirect”, - the expert marks.

Happy Birthday Volodya !!!