In the sky over Russia noticed the "golden" Su-57

In the sky noticed the "golden" Su-57 fighter.

A successfully taken photograph during a training flight of the newest Russian Su-57 fighter attracted serious attention both in the Russian and in the western segment of the Network. The reason for this was a rather unusual angle of the Russian combat aircraft, thanks to which the illusion is created that the fighter is made of gold.

Where exactly this photo was taken is unknown, however, netizens admirably describe both the general background and the Russian Su-57.

“It seems that the fighter is made of gold! Can it be so indescribable. "Beauty demonstrate F-16, F-35 or even F-22?"

“Incredible beauty! The photographer did his best ”

"Very cool!"

“The Russian Su-57 in golden sunset seems truly golden! Incredibly beautiful sight "

It should be noted that in the near future 76 Su-57 fighters will appear in Russia's arsenal, moreover, judging by the cost of this combat aircraft, it is half the price of the American F-35, and almost three times cheaper than the Chinese Chengdu J-20.