Suspects of recruitment into the Russian army detained in Nepal

Kathmandu police have detained several individuals suspected of organizing the sending of Nepalese men to Russia to serve in the army. According to Reuters, the detainees took up to $9 thousand from unemployed young people for obtaining tourist visas and transporting them to Russia through the UAE.

Kathmandu District Police Chief Bhupendra Khatri said the case involves human smuggling and organized crime. According to him, ten people have already been detained, and The Himalayan Times clarifies that there are 12 detainees and names their names.

According to RBC, it became known about the death of six Nepalese who joined the Russian army and died. Three of them died near Avdeevka, one in Bakhmut (Artemovsk), one returned home. The Russian side confirmed the death of three Nepalese.

Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked Russia to send the bodies of those killed to their homeland, and also called on its citizens not to join the armed forces of countries in conflict.


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