A few kilometers from the Russian borders with NATO, hundreds of tanks and armored personnel carriers, Himars MLRS and air defense were seen

Himars MLRS, hundreds of tanks, armored personnel carriers and dozens of artillery systems were spotted on the border with Russia.

The reasons for such an extremely high activity of NATO forces are still unknown, however, the latter has been observed for 72 hours, moreover, military equipment is deployed at a short distance from the Russian borders.

A few days ago, high activity of American units and the Polish army was noticed in Poland.

Initially, it was assumed that the transportation of military equipment was due to the shipment of weapons to the territory of Ukraine, however, as it turned out, tanks, armored vehicles and artillery were transferred towards the border with Belarus and Russia.

A day earlier, on the border of Estonia and Latvia, high activity of NATO was noticed, associated with the transfer of military equipment towards the Russian borders, while American MLRS Himars were even noticed on the territory of Latvia.

Due to the extremely difficult relationship between Russia and NATO, the situation looks extremely dangerous, even despite the fact that the United States justifies this with military exercises, although Washington does not comment on why military equipment is concentrated directly at the Russian borders and near the borders of neighboring Belarus, and not in landfills.


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