In the Netherlands, anti-Islamic activists publicly tore up the Koran

In the Netherlands, an anti-Islamic action was held with the rupture of the Koran.

After activists in Sweden publicly burned the Koran, a similar anti-Islamic action was carried out in the Netherlands, where the Holy Scriptures were publicly torn up. The police stationed at the scene did absolutely nothing to counter the action, which was clearly a way to create confusion in society.

On the video footage, you can see how the leader of the anti-Islamic organization PEGIDA, Edwin Wagensveld, right under the supervision of the Hague police, tore out the pages of the Holy Scriptures of Muslims. By the standards of Islam, such actions are completely unacceptable, and the fact that an anti-Islamic action was carried out specifically in public can lead to extremely serious consequences for an anti-Islamic organization.

After the video frames were published, direct threats of reprisals rained down on Wagensveld, while there were also calls for revenge for the desecration of the Holy Scriptures of Islam, which does not exclude the rapid radicalization of the situation in Europe, including the commission of terrorist acts, as previously seen in France.

What exactly was the reason for such an action is unknown.


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