Fighter F-35


Norway banned criticizing purchased F-35 - everything is very, very bad

F-35 fighters purchased by Norway from the United States killed the country's air force.

The acquisition of fifth-generation F-35 fighters from the United States resulted in another scandal for Norway. The criticism of these combat aircraft turned out to be so strong that the head of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense banned it, demanding that all data on Norwegian combat aircraft be classified completely.

As it turned out, fighters purchased from the United States are generally not suitable for operation in the climatic conditions of Norway, and therefore, billions of dollars of expenses, not to mention the gigantic sums for servicing these combat aircraft, will not be able to pay for themselves at all.

“The Norwegian Minister of Defense demanded“ classified ”materials criticizing the fifth-generation F-35 fighters, which the country bought from the United States. This statement is a reaction to the report of the Norwegian experts, which describes the difficulties in operating the F-35 in a northern country. In particular, experts voiced problems with braking during the landing of the F-35 at aerodromes, the runways of which can freeze during cold weather. ”- reports "Ferra".

In fact, this means that in case of real need, F-35 combat aircraft may not take off from airfields at all, and if this happens, they will simply prove to be very vulnerable to extremely low temperatures.

Due to the statement of the Norwegian Defense Minister about the intention to keep information about the American F-35 secret, this has generated even more criticism, and therefore the head of the defense department is even offered to be relieved of his post, because precisely because of his desire to acquire F-35, the country's defense was dealt a severe blow.

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Yes, of course - with problems with braking during landing, aircraft may not take off)))). Planes are not accelerated by wheels, I will tell you a secret. Problems with braking on ice will experience any aircraft. And there is always criticism of any aircraft in any army, because there is no such thing that there would be no technical difficulties in the conduct of hostilities. Only in the Russian army can there be no criticism for sou-shki and twinks, perhaps for this immediately execution is laid down). Although in Russia not so long ago even information about human losses was classified. According to the logic of the ingenious author, this fact probably means that the Russian army has a very big problem with combat losses, and maybe a big problem in the people themselves. Yes FIG knows what is there with the logic of the author ....