In Novosibirsk, the Su-34 fighter-bomber will stop producing due to low demand

In Novosibirsk, the production of Su-34 fighter bombers will be discontinued.

Despite the fact that the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber is rightfully considered one of the best combat aircraft in service with the Russian Air Force, it became known that due to the lack of interest in these aircraft, it was decided to stop the production of these fighters in the territory of Novosibirsk.

“There are two plants that, in principle, produce the same products: Komsomolsk-on-Amur - Su-35, ours - Su-34. From the point of view of economics, in principle, it would be more correct to produce Su-34 and Su-35 at the same plant. In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the aviation plant is a city-forming enterprise, so this question is posed. There is still no final decision, but such a question is being posed. ”- said the presidential envoy to Siberia Sergey Menyaylo.

The final decision has not yet been made, while the fact that the interest of the air forces in these combat aircraft has declined remains unknown, although these fighters have proven themselves in the fight against jihadists in Syria.

There is no demand? LIES bordering STATE CHANGE !!! Not enough 2000 pilots !!! The notorious optimization, cost reduction - this is another "policy" of shifting priorities in favor of drones. N.S. Khrushchev already had a "bozik" of cutting aviation equipment in scrap metal and transferring preference and priority to rocket technology.
In fact, the task of drones with AI is to ensure the protection of a manned group and the execution of commands of a manned group to gain air supremacy.

This will be another idiocy of a state scale. Serdyukov does his dirty work in the KLA - optimizes, depriving Novosibirsk skilled workers of jobs.

After all, people in Russia (not in the Kremlin and near YOUR “trough”) want to eat. "Rusty Forks" do not scare you? You do not find an analogy with the times of "Nikolai the second-rate": Ulyanov - Navalny, Iskra - radio "tyf, tyf" (to say "Echo is not ours") and similar media funded by Gazprom and others (to say Russia)?