Tests of the Russian Zircon hypersonic rocket began in Nenoks - results will be known in 24 hours

Russia has begun final tests of the latest Zircon hypersonic missile.

This morning, in the Arkhangelsk region, in the area of ​​the Nenoks settlement, the final tests of the latest Zircon hypersonic rocket began. Fighting is carried out at sea targets and because of the secrecy of this Russian weapon, residents of the nearest settlements were evacuated. Today, the only warship of the Russian fleet equipped with these missiles, the frigate Admiral Makarov, is participating in combat firing with a hypersonic missile.

“Attention, planned military work will be carried out in Nenoks. From 6:00 a.m. July 7 to 18:00 on July 8, the village of Nenoksa falls into the danger zone during work by the 1st scientific center of military unit 09703. This was reported by the leadership of the department. A telephone message with the request to organize vehicles for those who wish to leave Nyonokshan was sent to the head of the Nyonoksky territorial department, Valery Mashenkov. According to him, on July 7 at 5:00 from the street 40 years of Victory, 11 will be sent five buses. The same number of vehicles will be organized in the village of Sopka ”- сообщает administration of Severodvinsk.

Given the information provided, it is more likely about risks to the health and lives of citizens, however, evacuation from the region is not mandatory, as Western information resources and social networks began to present.

There is no direct indication that we are talking about testing the Zircon cruise hypersonic missile, however, modern hypersonic missiles were actively tested in this area, especially since this is a sea-based missile, and this region is the testing ground of the Russian Navy.

It should be clarified that in the USA they are very “worried” about the Russian Zircon hypersonic missile, believing that it is capable of liquidating key US military facilities on the western, southern, and eastern coasts.

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The frigate Admiral Makarov is based in Sevastopol and is currently located in the Mediterranean Sea.
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All residents were evacuated ...?! What are you! Why did Severodvinsk also evacuate ?!

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