In Odessa, a naval mine blew up three houses during a storm

A sea mine washed ashore in Odessa blew up three houses.

The incident happened during a storm. As follows from the data presented, as a result of a large wave that hit the shore, a sea mine was thrown directly onto residential buildings, which were partially destroyed and damaged. According to preliminary data, as a result of the incident, it was possible to do without victims and casualties.

“A sea mine exploded near Odessa during a storm. The posted footage shows that the coastal buildings are damaged. The storm continues", - Ukrainian information resources report.

Given the ongoing storm, there is a risk of a repeat of such an incident, as there are still a large number of sea mines in the Black Sea, which were laid in the first days of the start of a special operation in order to prevent Russian ships from approaching the Ukrainian coast.

So far, there are no official statements from the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations in this regard, however, such an incident is far from the first, although this did not lead to the destruction of buildings before.


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