In response to Israeli attacks on Syria, Russia can drown out Israeli air defenses in the event of an attack by Lebanon, Palestinians and Iran

Israeli air defense / missile defense systems may fail due to Russian electronic warfare systems.

In response to Israeli attacks on Syrian air defense systems, Russia can cause very serious trouble for the Israeli side, disabling the entire air and missile defense system of the Jewish state. We are talking about a powerful electronic suppression of Israeli air defense / missile defense systems, as a result of which Israeli systems will either not notice the strikes at all, or will attack "phantom" targets.

The Russian side has previously demonstrated to Israel the capabilities of its electronic warfare systems, which disrupted GPS work on most of Israel, forced air defense systems to attack non-existent targets, etc.

“If Israel ignores the security of the Russian military and Russia's allies in Syria, then why can't the Russian side disrupt the work of Israeli radars over Syrian territory? Israel should think about whether it should violate agreements with Russia and anger Moscow, because if Russia launches its electronic warfare systems, the IDF's air and missile defense will begin to face serious problems. ", - the expert marks.

Today, the likelihood of a direct armed conflict between Israel and Iran is very high, while experts note that, unlike Israel, Iran is a Russian ally.

"I hope Israel is not fighting against us yet ..." The supply of weapons to Tbilisi, Kiev, Baku against the Russian Federation is not a war against the Russian Federation. "Blessed is he who believes, warmth to him in the world!"

And what only the Jews know everything? You flatter them!

And you are not a Jew by any chance, if you know everything.

Remember Tabaki - "and we will not go svever .., but we will go north .."))
This will be the case if Russia is forced to fully use its electronic warfare and air defense ..- as if "hel ha Avir" will have difficulties with takeoff.

Only Russia in Syria is not against Israel and Israel will not go too "far" "so as not to return."
Regular consultations, explicit and behind the scenes, will balance everything.

One thing I can say, if Russian electronic warfare (EW) will prevent Israel from attacking its enemies, then Russia will not be able to calmly operate in the air. Israel has a decent answer. But I think it won't come to that.

I would not want us to support any actions against Israel. Israel is surviving as best it can and as long as I hope it does not fight against us.

And what does Lebanon have to do with Russia, which does not have similar agreements as with Syria?
“What will happen if Israel turns on its electronic warfare? - why then Israel did not turn on these electronic warfare, when the Iron Dome was drowned out by Russian systems?

"no plane will take off with khmeinim" ?! Those. you don't know instrument flight (artificial horizon) with curtains ...

What happens if Israel turns on their slaves? Then, for sure, not a single plane will take off with khmeinim ... Yes, and Israel did not care about your rabbis. Already today they slapped across Lebanon, so what?

How does a GPS disruption force air defense systems to attack non-existent targets ???
The feeling that the article was written by a fifth grader who does not understand what GPS is and how air defense works.



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