Pentagon confirms missile attack on US base in Syria

The Central Command of the US Armed Forces confirmed the strike on the US base in Syria.

Against the background of the appearance of information that the territory of the American military base in Syria was subjected to rocket fire, the press service of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces confirmed the fact of strikes on the territory of the military base. As a result of the attack, two rockets fell on the territory of the military base, however, as stated, there were no casualties and injuries.

Despite claims by Syrian sources, the US Central Command has denied reports that any damage has been caused to the base.

“As a result of the attack, no one was injured, the base or property of the coalition was not damaged. The Syrian Democratic Forces conducted an inspection of the site of the fall of the missiles and found a third unexploded rocket", - said in an official statement by representatives of the US Department of Defense.

The attack was carried out around midnight. Moreover, immediately after the attack, the United States raised its fighters into the sky.

On November 17, an American military base in the Syrian province of Hasakah was already attacked by a group of unknown people. This indicates that this is not the first attack. Moreover, against the backdrop of rising tensions in the region, the frequency of such attacks can only continue to grow.


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