The Pentagon commented on the use of F-35 fighters in Ukraine

In light of recent statements by Singapore Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen about the United States using F-35 fighter jets for reconnaissance missions in Ukraine, a Pentagon spokesman has officially denied these claims. In response to a request from RIA Novosti, a representative of the US military department clearly stated:

"The US does not use the F-35 in Ukraine."

This statement was a direct response to previously reported information about the involvement of American fighters in reconnaissance operations aimed at searching for positions of air defense systems of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory.

This episode highlights the complexity of the information landscape surrounding the conflict in Ukraine, where various statements and messages often contradict each other. On the one hand, the Minister of Defense of Singapore made a statement about the active use of the F-35 by the US military for reconnaissance in Ukraine, which was perceived as evidence of direct US participation in the conflict. On the other hand, a Pentagon official denied this data, questioning the details of the participation of the American armed forces in the situation in Ukraine.

The topic of external military assistance to Ukraine continues to be a subject of heated debate in the international arena. Moscow has long expressed its disagreement with the supply of weapons to Ukraine by Western countries, arguing that this only aggravates the conflict and makes its resolution longer and bloodier.



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