A curfew has been introduced in the suburbs due to the coronavirus. Video

Security forces announced a curfew in the suburbs.

Tonight, a curfew was imposed in the Moscow Region. Residents of cities and towns are forbidden to leave their homes, although such emergency measures were not announced in advance.

On the presented video frames, one can see several districts of the Moscow Region at once, where the security forces openly announce the introduction of curfews, moreover, no such measures were reported, which, obviously, can only increase the panic among citizens.

It is not known who exactly controls the announced curfew, according to some sources, we are talking about police officers, according to others about representatives of the Russian Guard, however, a number of sources claim that the military was entrusted with controlling the situation.

A few days ago, unofficial sources reported the introduction of military units in Moscow, however, the authorities categorically denied such information, stating that such measures are currently not feasible, and therefore, the state guard and the police are controlling the situation.

Official comments by the authorities regarding the introduction of curfews in the suburbs are not reported, which leads to rumors about possible total control of the population in other large cities of Russia.

Whether reinforcement of measures to counteract coronavirus infection is expected is unknown.

It's time to understand, we are in danger! Fatherland is in danger!