Russian Helicopters Holding


In Moscow Kubinka will present a unique high-speed helicopter

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" intends to present a prototype of a unique high-speed helicopter.

The innovative development of domestic aircraft designers will be presented within the framework of the Army-2016 military exhibition, which will be officially opened today. So far, only a demonstrator will be presented to a large public, however, experts do not exclude that if the interest in the project is high enough, then its implementation will not take much time.

Previously holding "Helicopters of Russia" has already reported that has been designing unique high-speed helicopter, capable of speeds up to 500 km \ h., While the average speed of its movement varies 200-300 km \ h.

Interesting thing: holding "Russian Helicopters" each exhibition shows models of the helicopter "Future": Mi-H1, "Rachel", was the last well-kept single-Mi 24, which in June this year, promised to give speed 450k / h. There are beautiful words - cases NO! This is the first thing.

Secondly, this holding does not carry out the design of helicopters: these deal specifically Bureau named. Mil Design Bureau and "Kamov".
Gen.konstruktoru AG Cost Center Samusenko very beneficial to hide behind the holding because of his time in office in the cost center is not made more than one independent helicopter (Mi-38 received by inheritance).
Gen.konstruktora "Kamov" S.V.Miheeva also "hide behind" m holding, because "Kamov" - only modern designs that torpedoed the above holding under various pretexts: nepravdashny Mi-H1 "won" the competition in real projects Ka-Ka and 92-102.
It is surprising to read that the Mi-H1 will fly to 520k / h. Single-rotor helicopter after speed 400k / h, according to its aerodynamics, turn upside down and will continue to randomly and quickly approach the Mother Earth!
More surprisingly, A.G.Samusenko was not ashamed to run such nonsense in the media.
According to the high-speed project in Kubinka: if this project of "Kamov", it will be - a real project, but holding "does not find" the customer for him, as it did with the helicopter Ka-32-11, which is cheaper, smaller, safer, high-speed , maneuverability and power availability overrated holding junk from the past century, the Mi-8!