Poland refused to recognize the destruction of the first Ukrainian Abrams tank

Social networks are discussing a video shot from a drone, which recorded the defeat of an American M1A1SA Abrams tank transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Polish press, in particular the publication Defense24, is not ready to admit the fact of the destruction of the tank, emphasizing its high armor protection and safety measures that prevent critical damage in the event of a hit. According to their version, only the armor of the rear niche of the turret, where the isolated ammunition stores are located, was penetrated, which did not lead to serious consequences due to the design features of the tank.

Defense24 emphasizes that even if damaged, the energy of the explosion is directed outside the vehicle without affecting the combat compartment, thanks to which the tank retains its functionality and the crew has a chance to evacuate. Based on the analysis of video materials, it is concluded that, apart from the damage mentioned, the tank did not receive significant damage, and open hatches indicate a possible successful evacuation of the crew.

Authors in the Polish press claim that Western tanks, including the M1 Abrams family, are noticeably superior to their Soviet counterparts in survivability and crew protection, emphasizing the importance of these qualities for the Polish army. However, judging by the video footage, the American vehicle was seriously damaged and even if it was successfully evacuated, it would not be able to take part in battles in the coming months.


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