Frigate the Thundering


In Poland, told about the extreme inefficiency of launches of caliber rockets by Russian frigates

The Russian frigates found problems with the launch of Caliber cruise missiles.

The Polish military-analytical publication Defense24 published an article stating that despite the enormous potential, Russian frigates have certain problems with their use. According to experts from Poland, this is explained by the situation on board the Russian warship, where the actions of the operators are simply not coordinated.

“It is difficult to assess the organization of combat duty on the“ Thundering ”corvette, not knowing the goals and location of all control consoles. From this, however, it follows that during combat duty, at least twelve operators plus the commander make up one calculation. The Russians did not use multifunctional consoles everywhere, which means that in most cases the operator’s position is permanent. This does not allow other specialists to take on tasks, which gradually becomes the norm on Western ships.

There are at least six types of such consoles, not counting the command post, the communications control center and the place for the navigator. Consoles in most cases are freely located along all walls, so operators cannot communicate with each other in voice, using only the internal communication system, which can be a problem for a small room. Such an organization may come as a surprise, even if you consider a well-thought-out organization on the Warsaw destroyer (despite the use of outdated systems and consoles). The Russians have a lot of experience in this, and perhaps this experience cannot be made into reality by Russian engineers. It is very likely that the same problems as on the Gremyashchy corvette exist on the frigate frigate Admiral Gorshkov of project 22350, which is also equipped with the Sigma command system. ”- сообщает edition of Defense24.

According to experts, the effectiveness of command execution is greatly reduced due to the small size of Russian warships, however, at the same time, it should be noted that the arguments of the Polish media are subjective and are based only on speculation.

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