In Poland, talked about the detection of the Russian Su-57 by radars

The Russian Su-57 turned out to be vulnerable even to old radars.

In Poland, it is believed that fifth-generation Russian fighters do not pose any threat, since they will be discovered hundreds of kilometers before their targets. The reason for such conclusions was the engines of Russian combat aircraft, which, according to Polish experts, reduce null and void all the capabilities of the Su-57 in terms of "stealth" technologies.

“Without the engines of the second stage, the Russian Su-57 can be seen hundreds of kilometers away, and this is not a problem for Poland’s radar. Perhaps the problems will appear after the engines of the second stage begin to be installed on the Su-57, however, this will become a threat no sooner than five years later. ”- reports the Polish specialist.

Poland is greatly worried about the modernized Su-57M Super Sukhoi, which, according to the Polish edition of Defense24, can pose a very serious threat, as it will be free from the drawbacks of the basic version.

“Already in 2022, the Su-57 of the second stage should be launched into the air, that is, a modernized version of the 5th generation Russian aircraft, equipped with the latest engines and improved avionics. We can say that the machines currently being manufactured are a transitional version of what the Russian media already call Super-Dry. ”, - the publication reports, listing the advantages of the upgraded version of the Su-57, compared with the base.

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