Poland announced the need to prepare for war with Russia

The head of the Polish national security agency, Jacek Severa, in an interview with the Polish newspaper Nasz Dziennik, expressed the opinion that the countries of NATO's eastern flank need to prepare for a possible attack by Russia within three years. Severa indicated that this period is critical to ensure preparedness for a potential confrontation.

Severa noted that German analysts' estimates of a longer time frame are too optimistic. He stressed the need to adopt a shorter, three-year time horizon to prepare for confrontation. Severa also pointed out that the Russian military industry is working at an accelerated pace and can restore its resources over the next three years.

In the context of this statement, Severa urged not to ignore the statement of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about the creation of new bases and 12 new units or units in the Western Military District of Russia. The decision comes in response to Finland and Sweden's intention to join NATO and increases tension on the alliance's eastern flank.

In light of these developments, Eastern European countries, especially the Baltic countries, are increasingly expressing concern about a possible Russian attack. However, as Severa notes, no logical explanations have yet been given why Moscow could initiate a full-scale military conflict with NATO. At the same time, in the Baltic countries, the military threat from the Russian Federation takes the form of an obsession.


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