The collapse of small-aircraft


One and a half kilometers from Hurghada, a light motor aircraft wrecked

A light-engine aircraft crashed near Hurghada.

A light motor aircraft made an air flight from Cyprus to Hurghada, but due to technical problems, in particular, the version of engine failure is considered, the plane fell one and a half kilometers from the resort city.

According to the aviation portal, there were two people on board the light aircraft, who received a number of injuries, but despite this they were still alive. According to the pilots themselves, at the time of engine failure, they tried to make an emergency landing, but due to the lack of flat terrain, when landing the plane several times threw into the air, as a result of which he buried his bow to the ground.

The incident with the crash of light-engine aircraft took place late at night, while the police noted that the aircraft was not enough just a few kilometers to get to the runway of the local airport.

It is reported that as a result of the crash, destruction, injuries and casualties on earth there.